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All Rubbermaid® wire ventilated shelving is epoxy coated which means it will not rust, stain, crack or yellow over time like vinyl products.

How to Install Rubbermaid FastTrack Closet Installation

FreeSlide® shelving allows clothes to move without restriction and makes clothing selection easy!

TightMesh® shelving surface wires are tightly spaced, ensuring small objects will not tip or fall through.

Ultra FreeSlide® ― strong, functional, good looking ― offers the best of both FreeSlide® and TightMesh® shelving where the hangers move continuously and the shelf surface does not leave wire indentations on clothes. The best wire shelving has to offer...only from Rubbermaid®!

Rubbermaid's Lifetime Product Warranty covers the material, workmanship and finish of our wire components and installation hardware.

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